Best Baby Monitors in 2019

Best Baby Monitors in 2019

best baby monitors in 2019

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Astonishingly, the first baby monitor was used as far back as 1930’s. It was a necessary device that was cobbled together by an individual whose daughter had been abducted. The equipment was very cumbersome, and the audio wasn’t excellent, but it had the fundamental principle of what would become the modern baby monitor.

Baby monitors have a come a long way since that first device. The first monitors were very basic analog transmitters with a further analog receiver that could be placed in a different room of the house. The received signal was not very strong, and the sound would hiss and continuously drop out. The range of the transmitter was also very poor meaning that if you were more than a couple of meters from the babies room, you would be lucky to hear anything other than white noise.

Luckily modern products use digital electronics to transmit and process the signals and are loaded with features that mean you can usually achieve a crystal clear sound quality and much better range

Choosing the best baby monitor for your child

If you are worried about What to look for in a baby monitor, Below are some features that you should consider when getting a new baby monitor:

1. Sound level lights. This is something that most people don’t consider important but you won’t always have your monitor blasting out, and someone may have turned it down for one reason or another. Having the secondary alarm, so to speak, is very reassuring.

2. Sufficient range is important. It is essential that the device can transmit the required distance. Good models have a stated range of 250m, but they won’t travel this far in your home. The range will be significantly less and more like 50m when moving through walls and floors.

3. Movement sensors. Movement sensors have become standard features on baby monitors for some years now. The first models were prone to false alarms, and so most parents disconnected it but modern, digital sensors don’t suffer from the same infliction and are a great addition to the feature list.

4. The number of channels. If you only have one channel then leave it on the shelf! Babies are everywhere, and so are baby monitors. You need more than one channel to avoid interference. It’s one thing listening to your baby, but you don’t want to be listening to your neighbors baby crying.

5. Video link. You are no longer just limited to listening to your child you can now see them as well! A lot of modern monitors have video cameras mounted in the transmitter, and you can even pan and tilt the camera from the parents unit.

6. Talkback. Instead of just listening in on the child some products have a talkback feature when you can talk to the child and reassure them. Sometimes this is all it could take to calm them down and get them back off to sleep.

Modern monitors come with all sorts of features, but if you look for the ones listed above, then you can’t go far wrong.

The only way to tell if you have the baby monitor is to try them out, but one sure way to try and get a good product is to stick to the better manufacturers and read all the reviews.

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