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Are you in the market for a spotting scope, but unsure which one to get?  How does weight, glass, and size factor into your decision?  If you’re looking to purchase a spotting scope, you’ve come to the right place.  With so many options on the market, not to mention varying quality, it can be difficult to narrow it down to just one.

We’ve created this buyer’s guide to do just that.  Whether you’re a hunter, target shooter, or bird watcher, having a spotting scope is essential.  With this guide we’ll aim to answer the most common questions we get on a regular basis, and give you a variety of options to choose from, depending on your needs.

Normally, spotting scopes are akin to small telescopes both in the way they look and function. In fact, they’re like portable telescopes thanks to their great magnification and object clarity capabilities, with most of them having objective lenses measuring between 50mm to 80mm and can magnify from 15x to 60x depending on extra features.

Even though spotting scopes are less portable than binoculars and are designed to use tripods, they offer arguably the best magnification and clarity compared to any other type of sporting optic. This makes them absolutely perfect for spotting and viewing animals and birds from long distances. And because spotting scopes are vital for ardent hunters, target shooters, bird watchers or nature lovers who want to get precise clarity before taking the shot or pulling the trigger, this article will comprehensively review the best spotting scopes that are currently available in the market while highlighting what to look for before spending your money on one. At the end of it, you’ll be in a better position to make the right decision when choosing the best spotting scope for your hunting, bird watching or even golfing adventures.

Features to Consider before Buying a Spotting Scope

There are obviously numerous spotting scopes in the market that choosing the perfect one becomes quite hectic. However, here are some of the most essential features to look for before spending your hard-earned cash in a spotting scope.


Body Style
There are two types of spotting scopes: angled body spotting scope and straight body spotting scope. While both work perfectly in most situations, preferences may differ in various circumstances. For instance, angled spotting scopes are great for looking either across a flat ground or up at your target. On the other hand, straight spotting scopes are perfect for viewing from higher positions like on a mountain or looking down on a valley.
Spotting scopes are designed with magnifications that allow for viewing over long distances that normal binoculars cannot reach. Many spotting scopes come with a magnification of 30x – 40x and even better, giving them the capability of producing crystal clear images from very long distances.
Objective Lens
A spotting scope with high quality objective lens and high performance glass will always be the best option in your bird watching, hunting and target shooting adventures. It’s important to go for quality lens instead of larger lens, which are often heavy to carry around and of poor quality.
Lens Coating
This is another important feature in spotting scopes. Lens coating is crucial in improving light transmission into the lens and quality will depend on whether you choose a spotting scope with multi-coated lens, fully coated lens or fully multi-coated lens. You should keep in mind that high-end spotting scopes often come with fully multi-coated lens.
Prism Design
Spotting scopes are designed with refractors that are integrated with prisms to help in flipping the images right side up and left to right. Most spotting scopes have either porro prism or roof prism. Porro prism is the most efficient and the least expensive, thereby the most common one in spotting scopes. Roof prism is slim and compact, but lacks some key features such as eyepieces, therefore not very common in modern spotting scopes.
It’s always important to confirm whether the eyepiece is permanently fixed or removable and included in the price of the spotting scope. That said, most premium spotting scopes have removable eyepieces and are not included in the price to give you the option of choosing one that’s perfect for you. Many people prefer zoom eyepieces over single powered eyepieces because their magnifications are awesome and can be easily changed.
Eye Relief
Eye relief is basically the distance where your eye can be from the scope’s eyepiece without affecting the view. This is an important aspect of spotting scopes, especially for those who wear eyeglasses. A perfect spotting scope should therefore have a big eye relief (at least 14 mm) so that you can see the full picture without any problem.
Close Focus
This the nearest distance that a spotting scope can allow you to view.
A tripod is important in offering the much needed support to keep the spotting scope steady during the viewing process. It’s therefore crucial to consider a tripod that comes with the scope. Look at things such as stability, adjustability, weight and height.
Waterproofing and Fog proofing
These are two important necessities in any spotting scope. They’re of great importance in protecting the scope from atmospheric conditions. These features protect the scope from dust, rain, debris and ensure that the scopes functionalities aren’t affected even in adverse conditions.
Camera Adapters
Known as digiscoping, many spotting scopes are structured in such a way that they can be adapted into cameras to take pictures over long distances. Having this feature will obviously increase the price of the scope.

How to Choose the Right Spotting Scope

There are a lot of manufacturers out there using various shortcuts to make low-quality spotting scopes that will only afford you poor field performance and lots of headache. Instead of going for cheap and low-quality scopes, it’s advisable to spend a few hundred dollars and get a good quality scope or even spend a few thousand dollars and get a top-notch scope that will last a lifetime.  But before spending your hard-earned money, here are some valuable tips on choosing the right spotting scope for you.

While most spotting scopes are versatile and can be used for hunting, birdwatching and target shooting, it’s important to know exactly why you need the scope. This will help you in choosing the best scope for your category.
An important feature in a spotting scope, you should be fully aware of the kind of eyepiece that comes with the scope. While fixed eyepieces are usually fine, you’re better off going for a scope with a removable eyepiece.
It’s advisable to go for a scope with a great objective lens and diameter as they often provide bright and high-quality image resolution. If you’re planning to do a lot of digiscoping, it would be advisable to go for a scope with a top-quality camera.
You may have a top-notch scope, but this will go down the drain if you’re using a flimsy tripod. You should therefore go for a sturdy, rigid and adjustable tripod. Consider a tripod with flip locks as they are always perfect both on even and uneven grounds.
Considering that spotting scope is meant to be used in the field, it’s important to go for something that won’t derail the main activities: birdwatching, hunting and target shooting. You should therefore go for something that’s compact, lightweight and won’t be an issue in your hunting or birdwatching escapades.

With so much to take into account, it can be pretty daunting to choose the right spotting scope.  Since they can be used in a variety of circumstances and with budget always playing a factor, we’ve put together a list of 8 different scopes depending on what you’re looking for.  Each have their own pro’s and con’s, so it’s just a matter of choosing the right one to fit your needs.  So, let’s dive in and see what the 8 best spotting scopes of 2019 are.

Vortex 20-60 x 85 Razor HD Spotting Scope – Best Overall

If there’s one thing that both hunters and shooters will agree on is that a big and open country certainly demands for high-quality glass. From the rainforests of Colombia, the Atlantic Ocean to the Saharan Desert in Morocco all the way to the Strait of Gibraltar, the Vortex Razor has proved to be simply the finest spotting scope money can buy.

This is a top-tier HD spotting scope offering the highest level performance thanks to its sophisticated triplet apochromatic lens system (three differently-shaped lens that help in refocusing the visible light wavelengths to the same focal point) so that it can deliver high-definition views across long distances without degrading resolution, diluting color fidelity or fringing the color of the object. With a large 85mm objective lens that provides high-level magnification between 20x and 60x, the Vortex Razor HD is very bright and we really mean it when we say that it is sharp right to edge of the field view.  This scope has a lens made of high-quality, high-density and low-dispersion glass and a variety of coatings such as the XR multi-coating (to enhance light transmission) and ArmorTek coating (to make the lens surface harder and scratch-resistant) that help the scope achieve different ends.

Its angled configuration, fairly compact design (15.25 inches in length) and lightweight design (a little over 64 0z.) not only gives it a distinctive look but is also essential in improving handling. The Vortex Razor HD combines light gray texture and green color and is fully sealed and argon-purged to make it absolutely dustproof, waterproof and internally fog-proof. Its Razor tripod mount comes with a standard ¼ inch screw socket and a hole for an anti-twist pin.

Even though it comes with high-quality eyepiece, objective covers and a view-through case, you’ll be disappointed that it doesn’t come with a ton of modern accessories.


  • Very durable
  • Angled-body design makes for easy and improved handling
  • Porro prism design offers amazing image quality and performance
  • Has a fantastic focus
  • Its wide-angled eyepiece offers great fixed magnification
  • It is lightweight, compact and weatherproof
  • It’s very simple to use


  • Doesn’t have a ton of extra accessories
  • It’s quite expensive


Like all of Vortex’s products, the Razor HD is a high-end angled spotting scope that comes with a full-sized 85mm lens, HD glass and is fairly compact, lightweight and is of course, very durable. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a hunter, bird watcher or a target shooter, the Vortex Razor HD guarantees excellent optical performance. Even though many people may fringe on its price, you’ll never get disappointed if you get your hands on this scope, especially if you’re one of those ardent hunters and bird watchers who like to transverse the world looking for the big, open country.

 Bushnell Trophy XLT 20-60x 65mm Scope – Best Budget Scope

One of the most important things that people want to know is what they get for their money, and the Bushnell Trophy XLT doesn’t disappoint on this front. Built to withstand the toughest of conditions, the Bushnell is extremely rugged, comes with high-quality optics and offers and an array of innovative features at an incredibly affordable price.

The generous 65mm objective lens and the adjustable magnification from 20x to 60x is absolutely great for spotting wildlife. And even if you like wearing eyeglasses, the charitable 18.3mm eye relief will provide you with plenty of enough room to see through the eyepiece. This spotting scope is fully multicoated, giving it the phenomenal ability to gather light and you won’t have to worry about sunshade.

Measuring about 13.4 inches in length and weighing about 42.3 ounces, this spotting scope is compact and lightweight enough for hunting application. The housing of this scope is encased in rubber armor to ensure that it is fully protected even during transportation. This scope is built to work with any tripod; however, its only drawback is the included tripod. It’s flimsy, small and almost useless.


  • Top-notch HD image clarity
  • Quite affordable
  • Excellent eye relief
  • Hard and soft cases for protection
  • Easy to use
  • Fully weatherproof
  • Durable


  • Poor tripod quality
  • Quality control issues


The Bushnell Trophy XLT is arguably the best affordable spotting scope in the market. It’s not only durable but also fully weatherproof with a very crisp and clear view thanks to its 65mm objective lens. The included tripod could have been better if it was a little taller but that’s the only negative thing to say about this magnificent spotting scope.


Best Spotting Scopes for Hunting

Whether you’re a first-time hunter or a seasoned pro, the spotting scope that you use to identify and spot a target can make a big difference between a prized catch and the one that got away. A great spotting scope will allow the hunter to get a better look at that elusive prey before pulling his/her trigger. It can give the hunter the opportunity to pick a deer from the herd through proper magnification. Hunting spotting scopes have slightly different features, but they can be of great help when you’re using a rifle or a bow and arrow. Here are some of the best spotting scopes for hunting.

Vortex Optics Viper HD 20x – 60x 80mm Spotting Scope – Best for Hunting

For big-game hunters, the Vortex Optics Viper is an absolutely fantastic scope for spotting their prey and stalking them from unbelievably long distances. If you’re such a hunter, you’ll appreciate the convenience that this scope gives you and the up-close-and-personal view that you’ll get despite the adjustments that your prey makes.

Measuring about 20 inches in length and weighing 60 ounces, this scope is compact and lightweight and comes with a high-quality lens that offers astounding color and resolution reliability. In addition to the XR anti-reflective coating that protects the scope’s lens from fog and water, the high-quality optics are tightly sealed with O-rings to prevent any issues that might arise as a result of moisture or dust. The ArmorTrek coating is essential in protecting the lens from scratching.

This angled spotting scope is equipped with an eye cup that allows for maximum comfort and can be twisted up or down depending on your location and the location of the prey. It’s also equipped with a rotating tripod to allow you to rotate the eyepiece sideways or to your preferred position. It also comes with an additional accessory rail to enable you to easily attach it to a red dot sight. This scope has a rubber armoring to provide a non-slip grip and magnesium alloy body to make it sturdy and to ensure that it is resistant to corrosion.

It’s unfortunate that things aren’t as sharp even at 60x. You’ll notice that the contrast will slightly drop and the prey won’t be that crisp, but that’s if you are past 150 yards.


  • Stunning image quality and clarity at less than 150 yards
  • Offers a great range
  • Durable
  • Weatherproof
  • Versatile
  • Come with an array of additional accessories
  • Excellent HD ED glass
  • Easy to use


  • Limited eye relief
  • The cover is rigid and difficult to put on
  • Not very reliable past 150 yards


The Vortex Optics Viper is undoubtedly an excellent hunting and tactical scope thanks to its top-notch features that are meant for long distance viewing. These features will not only help you encounter challenging hunting conditions head-on but will also ensure that you experience your hunting adventures in an ultimate way.

Leupold Mark 4 12-40x60mm Spotting Scope W/Mil Dot 53756 – Best for Hunting

If you’ve always had the desire to have a spotting scope with a high-quality mil-dot reticule to enhance your hunting endeavors, the Leupold Mark 4 might just be the perfect solution. This is because the mil-dot reticule will give you a much higher magnification that’s required to accurately spot and hit a target. Again, you can read the mils and range the target, but will require you to have an aide by your side.

Popular with sniper hunters, this spotting scope is compact at 12.4 inches long and absolutely lightweight weighing just about 37 ounce. It’s built to withstand the most difficult conditions and is filled and sealed with nitrogen to ensure that it’s totally waterproof. The exterior of this scope is made of black matte color and combines a soft outer covering that allows for nice grip. Like almost all Leupold products, this spotting scope comes with high-quality optics that is clear and sharp all the way to the edges and is devoid of any blurry effects or contrasts.

With the magnification ring furthest forward and the focus closer to the user, this scope is very simple to use as it gives you complete control of the scope. Furthermore, the magnification ring is larger and smooth while the focus is thinner and has ridges so as to help you use the scope without having to take your eye away from the scope. Additionally, this scope has a very generous eye relief to give you the full picture of the prey even if you’re wearing those big hunting glasses. The scope also has a fantastic 12-40x zoom range to provide impressive flexibility.

Better still, the mil-dot reticule is so powerful and will help you spot and target preys 725 yards away before taking that precise shot. On the other hand, the tripod that has to be ordered separately is more of a disappointment because it’s too tall for many shooting positions.


  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • High-quality optics
  • Compact, lightweight and sleek
  • Completely weatherproof
  • Has a generous eye relief
  • Can spot over impeccably long distances
  • Provides high accuracy thanks to its high-quality mil-dot reticule


  • Its tripod is ineffective


With high-quality optics, perfect weight and weatherproof features, as well as the mil-dot reticule for high-precision, the Leupold Mark 4 is unquestionably one of the best hunting spotting scopes out there. Despite the minor issues with its tripod, which has to be bought separately, you’ll never be disappointed if you’re one of those ardent hunters who prefer to take a shot at their prey from long distances and with unwaveringly high precision.

Swarovski 80mm STS HD Straight Spotting Scope – Best for Hunting

Whether you’re looking for a spotting scope for birdwatching, target shooting or golfing, you’ll agree that the Swarovski 80mm STS HD is one of the best hunting spotting scopes in the market. Its ability should not be in doubt as it is another high-quality scope from Swarovski Optics, a company known for its high-end precision telescopes, binoculars, rifle scopes, and of course, spotting scopes.

The Swarovski 80mm STS HD stands out as a high-quality scope that’s sleek, modern, streamlined, stylish and still able to perform at the roughest of terrains. Measuring 13.9 inches long and weighing just about 42 ounces, this scope is light, compact and portable, which is very crucial for your hunting endeavors. Its straight barrel that has a camera attached makes it quite easy for you to spot a prey. The 80mm aperture allows for maximum light, which is crucial for bright and crystal clear images. Its objective and ocular lens with a focal length of 460mm is quite impressive and enhances picture quality.

The Swaroclean coating not only increases durability of the lens but also helps in reducing blur, thereby enhancing the scope’s sharpness. This scope also comes with a soft case that’s designed to protect the scope’s optical parts and to make for easy transportation. In addition to the coatings, the scope has an aluminum exterior to protect the scope from fog, ice and water, thereby increasing its durability.

The only noticeable drawback of the Swarovski 80mm STS HD is its price. You’ll have to spend on the north of $1,500 to get your hands on this scope. Nonetheless, this product is of high quality and is a worthy investment.


  • Its 80mm aperture affords maximum light and quality
  • Has high-quality sharp lines
  • Has a powerful zoom lens for high-quality image and precision
  • Easy to use
  • Very durable
  • Fully weatherproof
  • Light, compact, portable and stylish


  • Quite expensive


Forget about its price and look at the fact that the Swarovski 80mm STS HD is a serious investment for hunters, birdwatchers, target shooters and golfers who want to get high-quality image clarity from long distances. You’ll never have a bad day in office during your hunting escapades if you get this valuable scope as your spotting guidance.


Best Spotting Scopes for Birding

It’s without doubt that few things can actually match the amazing feeling of watching rare birds up-close-and-personal in the wild. While binoculars or other devices can get you close, they cannot match the incredible magnification that spotting scopes offer. Here are some of the best spotting scopes for birding. In fact, they’ll enable you to view the birds so close to even tell the color of their eyes!

Leupold Gold Ring (GR) 20-60×80 Spotting Scope w/Impact Reticle – Best for Birding

Packed with efficient Folded Light, Path Lens, mirror optical system, an Impact Reticle, Xtended Twilight Lens, a magnesium chassis and a DiamondCoat 2, the GR 20-60×80 have it all. This is a fairly compact but very powerful scope that will give you the most effective optical path that’s very crucial for birdwatching.

The mirror optical system is great as it can reflect the light twice so as to get you great optical quality. This scope is designed with a new High-Definition fluoride-based glass objective lens system that is essential for the remarkably crystal clear and bright images that it produces. For a scope that measures 12.4 inches in length and packed with 60mm objective lens, this scope is amazingly compact, light and easy to pack. This scope comes with a field carrying case that’s soft-sided and ruggedly designed for field use and to ensure that your scope is protected at all times. The unique Impact Reticle comes with mil-dot scale measurements and works in tandem with the Front Focal Plane (FFP) to increase magnification and precision, and also to estimate distances. In terms of durability, this scope has various coatings to protect the lens from any scratch.

Despite these effective features, the GR 20-60×80 would be much better if it had an extendable sunshade to help protect you from the effects of sun especially in the afternoon.


  • Very adaptable and versatile
  • Highly powerful
  • High-quality Reticle
  • Completely weatherproof
  • Very easy to use
  • Durable
  • Gold ring guarantee


  • Lacks and extendable sunshade


If you’re one of those birdwatchers who spend most of their time sampling the world’s rarest birds, the GR 20-60×80 will never let you down. It may be quite costly, but certainly a worthy investment with an impact Reticle that not only adds an excellent touch but also makes it an absolutely impressive long-ranging scope.

Kowa TSN-883 Angled 88mm Prominar Spotting Scope – Best for Birding

If you’re one of those ardent birders looking for a high-end spotting scope, you might want to throw a glance in the direction of the Kowa TSN-883 Prominar, which is an angled high-performing spotting scope that will ensure that your birding adventures are never dull. Known for its clearly visible resolution, the Kowa TSN-883 Prominar has become the main reference scope and a benchmark for testing other scopes in the market.

This scope has a sensitive fine focus knob that will ensure that your target prey or bird is popped into utmost focus. Its 88mm objective lens is crucial in bringing the finer details into focus and in improving the scope’s light transmission and contrast by eliminating chromatic aberration. The impressive eyepiece is firmly held into place with a button on the left side and has three indents and differing degrees to enhance eye relief. The scope also has an extendable lens that is smooth and easy to use.

To protect this high-performing scope, it’s made from strong but very lightweight polycarbonate materials. Its JIS class 7 protection standards ensure that it is waterproof and is filled with nitrogen to prevent the lens from fogging. Measuring 13.2 inches in length and weighing 53.6 ounces, this scope is essentially compact and lightweight for birdwatching adventures. The only noticeable downside is its larger lens that comes with greater expense and added weight.


  • High-quality optics
  • Very durable
  • Fully weatherproof
  • Compact and sleek
  • Great for long-distance ranges
  • Easy to use
  • Sturdy and built with quality


  • Quite heavy
  • Fairly expensive


The Kowa TSN-883 Prominar is a truly magnificent spotting scope and has raised the spotting scope bar to a whole new level thanks to its impressively functional features, resolution and technological advancements. It’s certainly the king of optical evolution and is miles ahead of others.

Leupold SX-1 Ventana 2 20-60x80mm – Best for Target shooting

Integrated with lenses made from superior quality optics, the Leupold SX-1 Ventana 2 has gained numerous compliments from users. It not only enhances the objects with its absolutely great magnifications but also ensures that they are bright, clear and sharp to the edges.

The 24mm adjustable eye window will allow you for superior viewing and you won’t have to worry of any discomfort even if you’re wearing eyeglasses. Knowing very well that very bright light can at times interfere with visual quality, this scope is built with an impressive retractable lens shade to ensure that the sun doesn’t become a problem. This scope is 100% waterproof and fog proof and can flawlessly work in any of these conditions. To offer further protection from rough usage, the optical lens is protected by plastic covers, which can be easily removed and are meant to offer extra security when the scope is not in use.

The knobs of the Leupold SX-1 Ventana 2 20-60x80mm are strategically placed and can be handled even with gloves and will enable you to make precise adjustments easily and quickly. Even though the Leupold SX-1 Ventana 2 20-60x80mm is an impeccable “jack-of-all-trades” in the spotting scope market, its included tripod looks and feels very cheap. It’s not sturdy and is too high to be used comfortably.


  • Offers high-quality resolution
  • Fully weather-proof
  • Very durable
  • Has a retractable lens shade
  • Good quality lens
  • Very versatile


  • Comes with a shaky and less sturdy tripod
  • Fairly heavy


Manufactured with very high quality glass that can perform well in low light conditions, the Leupold SX-1 Ventana 2 20-60x80mm will never disappoint you in terms of resolution and quality. Its included tripod may be of questionable quality, but that’s the only bad thing that can be said about this superb scope.


Whether you’re a first-time hunter, shooter, birdwatcher or a seasoned pro in any of the aforementioned activities, you’ll agree that nothing enhances these activities more than having a high-quality spotting scope. There’s no doubt that you’ve been missing big time if you’ve been using cheaply-made binoculars or low-end spotting scopes. That’s because having a high-quality spotting scope can make a big difference between a prized catch and the one that got away. It’s therefore advisable to invest in a high-quality scope that will serve you impeccably and last a lifetime.

Best Baby Monitors in 2019

Best Baby Monitors in 2019

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Astonishingly, the first baby monitor was used as far back as 1930’s. It was a necessary device that was cobbled together by an individual whose daughter had been abducted. The equipment was very cumbersome, and the audio wasn’t excellent, but it had the fundamental principle of what would become the modern baby monitor.

Baby monitors have a come a long way since that first device. The first monitors were very basic analog transmitters with a further analog receiver that could be placed in a different room of the house. The received signal was not very strong, and the sound would hiss and continuously drop out. The range of the transmitter was also very poor meaning that if you were more than a couple of meters from the babies room, you would be lucky to hear anything other than white noise.

Luckily modern products use digital electronics to transmit and process the signals and are loaded with features that mean you can usually achieve a crystal clear sound quality and much better range

Choosing the best baby monitor for your child

If you are worried about What to look for in a baby monitor, Below are some features that you should consider when getting a new baby monitor:

1. Sound level lights. This is something that most people don’t consider important but you won’t always have your monitor blasting out, and someone may have turned it down for one reason or another. Having the secondary alarm, so to speak, is very reassuring.

2. Sufficient range is important. It is essential that the device can transmit the required distance. Good models have a stated range of 250m, but they won’t travel this far in your home. The range will be significantly less and more like 50m when moving through walls and floors.

3. Movement sensors. Movement sensors have become standard features on baby monitors for some years now. The first models were prone to false alarms, and so most parents disconnected it but modern, digital sensors don’t suffer from the same infliction and are a great addition to the feature list.

4. The number of channels. If you only have one channel then leave it on the shelf! Babies are everywhere, and so are baby monitors. You need more than one channel to avoid interference. It’s one thing listening to your baby, but you don’t want to be listening to your neighbors baby crying.

5. Video link. You are no longer just limited to listening to your child you can now see them as well! A lot of modern monitors have video cameras mounted in the transmitter, and you can even pan and tilt the camera from the parents unit.

6. Talkback. Instead of just listening in on the child some products have a talkback feature when you can talk to the child and reassure them. Sometimes this is all it could take to calm them down and get them back off to sleep.

Modern monitors come with all sorts of features, but if you look for the ones listed above, then you can’t go far wrong.

The only way to tell if you have the baby monitor is to try them out, but one sure way to try and get a good product is to stick to the better manufacturers and read all the reviews.

Best Vlogging Cameras in 2019

Best Vlogging Cameras in 2019

Are you planning to buy a Vlog camera? Not sure what to look for? Have you bought a vlogging camera before, that you were not happy with?

Here’s how to buy a vlogging camera. You will be able to choose which models have features that you need the right expression for you, and know what to avoid. My goal is to help you make an informed decision, according to the features that make a difference. I did not say what model to buy, because the models will be replaced within a few months. You’re the one to choose the model of the camera that will not make you feel as out of date.

Let’s start with the resolution. One of the reasons many people were disappointed with their digital cameras because they bought a camera with lower resolution. If you buy a digital camera with at least a six-megapixel solution, you need a camera that will produce the quality of photographs; most people are accustomed to.

How to choose the best vlogging camera

Type of digital camera

If you want to capture a moving object, you need a vlogging camera that has an optical viewfinder. On the other hand, the large digital single lens reflex is not convenient to take a theme park. Think about how you plan to use the camera and buy a camera that is good for that purpose. If you are looking for convenience, select a small compact point and shoot. You are taking a lot of family pictures of important events, look for advanced prosumer models, you will find the added speed and cache waiting to be camera ready.


There is a wide range of features and price points to consider when choosing a perfect camera. A simple point-and-shoot compact camera can be purchased for under $100. By taking advantage of coupon codes, you stand to get a simple, no-frills model that is capable of taking perfect pictures- at substantial cost savings.

The image stabilization and zoom range

Image stabilization will help you get sharper pictures under difficult circumstances. The optical zoom range the camera is also another feature comparison of different models. Do not be fooled digital zoom function. Using the digital zoom means less detail. You may also consider including the software. Some cameras in Photoshop Elements, a perfect copy of a video editing program. You should not give too much attention to features such as video recording or large internal memory when buying a vlogging camera. Built-in memory, not to be confused with the cache is not very useful in today’s low-priced memory cards. It can also complicate things if you try to print using a local printer.

Image sensor

Image sensor plays a pivotal role in making your video capturing experience the best one. An image sensor is a small chip installed in your camera motherboard, which determines the image quality upon its receiving power by adjusting the aperture or exposure. Now check what the features are of the image sensor built in the pro 1080p camera. Features and specifications of the image sensor may vary with the camera brand or model, but check how it matches your requirements.

Battery life

Then, the battery of the camera is very important as it tends to be used very fast and buying an original one is very expensive. You should buy a vlogging camera that comes with rechargeable battery.

Before buying a vlogging camera, it is advisable to check and test it. You should be comfortable using the gadget, and you will know that only when you hold and use it. You can ask the salesperson to let you feel the gadget at least once. Even if you have decided to buy from an online store, you can always go to a local outlet and check for that particular model and then place the order online.

Best Rowing Machines 2019

Best Rowing Machines 2019

Investing in a rowing machine for your home is such a good idea you should consider these days. Rowing machines are a great piece of personal exercise equipment. But before you go out and shop you should have a look at some considerations to help you choose the best rowing machine. Without following up the tips, you might end up buying that will not suit your needs at the end.

What to look for when buying a rowing machine

The style and price range of machine

Rowing machines come in a variety of styles, with different resistance mechanics. And of course, they are offered at a range of prices, from under $500 to over $2000. While it is true that you get what you pay for, a closer look at how you’ll be using the machine will go a long way to ensure that the machine you choose will most closely fit your needs. You may not need to pay top dollar for a premium rower in order to get a machine that will satisfy your requirements and give you many maintenance-free years of happy rowing.

Have a look at its components

A quick look at the components of a rowing machine will help determine the rower that’s right for you. Modern rowers are built on a frame that is usually metal with a seat that slides on that frame. The frame should be sturdy and heavy enough to remain steady on the floor when you row. The seat of this machine you are likely to buy should slide with little effort. Its foot pad will all be the better if the pivot. They should be adjusted easily. Four types of resistance are available on modern rowers. Choosing the right type of resistance for your rowing needs will pay off long into the future.

Folding or Fixed

For domestic use, there are two kinds of machines. It can either be a folding kind of machine or a fixed type. The importance of the folding type is that they take up less space than the fixed ones. Based on user experience, folding machines are preferred. However, a fixed machine is better as far as durability goes. What you need to do is redefine the kind of machine you need.

Check the Rower

Checking the rowers is another tip that you need to keep in mind when buying a good machine. All you should have in mind that the machine you choose should offer you a strong grip and that its made with a material of high quality. Also, the slide length and the seat material should be taken into consideration. Before you buy, make sure that you examine these things. This will make sure that you are going to buy a product that is durable. Make sure you have practically tried the machine in before you seal the buying deal.

Important Factor: Warranty

This machine is usually offered with a 2 years warranty by the company’s manufacturing it. So, it’s a good idea that you opt for a machine that comes with a warranty. Therefore, you should contact the company should you notice a maintenance issue.
So, if you have been looking for a good rowing machine for domestic use, we suggest that you re-read the tips given in this guide and then head for the market to buy the product.

10 Best Alarm Clocks in 2019

10 Best Alarm Clocks in 2019

When it comes to buying something new, no matter if it is a car or an alarm clock you have a daunting task in front of you. This is because today the offer varies a lot, and there are literally thousands of models and designs you can choose from. Needless to say, this can be somehow overwhelming. So, how can you make this task easy for you? the following are some of the things you should look for when buying an alarm clock.

What to look for when buying an alarm clock

The Clock Face Design

This is an important aspect to consider especially if you’re buying the alarm clock for your kid. As we all know, clocks can display the time in two different ways. You can have a digital display which will show the time in numbers. This can be based on the 12-hour clock, so you will see the am and the pm displayed. Alternatively, you can have a clock that shows the 24-hour display.

The other type of clock face display is the analogue setting. This is a clock that usually has the numbers running from 1 through to 12 with the big hand and the little hand indicating the hour and the minutes.

Both types of displays have their advantages and disadvantages so you will have to decide what is best for your child. There are of course plenty of alarm clocks that have both so you can choose to use one or the other or even both.


Alarm clocks come with different designs. Try to look for the design that you like the most. Make sure that the color scheme matches your preference. There are modern and classic clocks that you will see in the market. You need to buy the one that you prefer the most.

Extra features

Another thing you should look for when buying an alarm clock is the extra features that you want your clock to have. There is quite a large variety of alarm clocks on the market with different features. For example, some alarm clocks have a programmable snooze button, temperature display, as well as weather forecast. The latest models also come with an inbuilt CD player or inbuilt radio. It will all depend on the budget you’ve set aside for the clock.


It is very important that you buy a clock that you can only afford. Some designs can become very expensive so make sure that you have set the budget for the alarm clock that you will buy.

Once you’ve considered all of the above, it’s time to start the actual shopping process. This means it’s time to hit the stores and buy that alarm clock. However, if you don’t want to spend a lot of time looking and trying different models, you can always buy your product online.

Keep in mind that when you buy online you want to choose a reputable retailer. This means that you should always look for ratings and comments from previous customers, and always make sure that your retailer provides a telephone number or an address. Retailers that only provide an email address should be treated cautiously.

Best Cheap Earbuds Under $50 for 2019

Best Cheap Earbuds Under $50 for 2019

If you love music and it is difficult to do without it then don’t worry. There are many earbuds types available on the market.That assist you to carry your music despite where you are. However, the quality is something we all seek, in almost everything we purchase. And that is why picking your earbuds is not a great move. If you have finally decided to invest in them, make sure you choose the right brand or the variety to match your preferences. If, however, you don’t know much about wireless earbuds for iPod or any other device, and in turn are not aware of the factors one should take into account while buying earbuds, then reading on will certainly help.

What to look for when buying earbuds:

1. Vital aspect to consider is the reputation of the brand. You are not going to use your earbuds indoors always. Sometimes you are going to play sports with your earbuds. In fact, there are dedicated earbuds for sports. Say, for instance, you want to buy the best wireless earbuds for cycling; will you be able to assure yourself of its quality if you are not sure about the reputation of its brand? Probably not! And that is why it’s crucial to buy earbuds from a good brand only. After all, it’s the matter of your earbuds’ quality!

2. Take into account the price. For instance, if you are on a tight budget, you cannot probably buy the wireless earbuds you just saw in a tech magazine that cost a fortune. You will have to choose a product that price somewhere within your budget. And in case, you want to buy a costly product; you will have to gather sufficient money for that, first. You must choose a product that offers quality service despite been reasonably priced.

3. Keep in mind is the kind of customer support available for the product you want to buy. Your earbuds are not going to last forever, and glitches in such products are going to occur. Having excellent customer support means you can get your earbuds repaired or replaced when they cease to work.