Best Vlogging Cameras in 2019

Best Vlogging Cameras in 2019

Are you planning to buy a Vlog camera? Not sure what to look for? Have you bought a vlogging camera before, that you were not happy with?

Here’s how to buy a vlogging camera. You will be able to choose which models have features that you need the right expression for you, and know what to avoid. My goal is to help you make an informed decision, according to the features that make a difference. I did not say what model to buy, because the models will be replaced within a few months. You’re the one to choose the model of the camera that will not make you feel as out of date.

Let’s start with the resolution. One of the reasons many people were disappointed with their digital cameras because they bought a camera with lower resolution. If you buy a digital camera with at least a six-megapixel solution, you need a camera that will produce the quality of photographs; most people are accustomed to.

How to choose the best vlogging camera

Type of digital camera

If you want to capture a moving object, you need a vlogging camera that has an optical viewfinder. On the other hand, the large digital single lens reflex is not convenient to take a theme park. Think about how you plan to use the camera and buy a camera that is good for that purpose. If you are looking for convenience, select a small compact point and shoot. You are taking a lot of family pictures of important events, look for advanced prosumer models, you will find the added speed and cache waiting to be camera ready.


There is a wide range of features and price points to consider when choosing a perfect camera. A simple point-and-shoot compact camera can be purchased for under $100. By taking advantage of coupon codes, you stand to get a simple, no-frills model that is capable of taking perfect pictures- at substantial cost savings.

The image stabilization and zoom range

Image stabilization will help you get sharper pictures under difficult circumstances. The optical zoom range the camera is also another feature comparison of different models. Do not be fooled digital zoom function. Using the digital zoom means less detail. You may also consider including the software. Some cameras in Photoshop Elements, a perfect copy of a video editing program. You should not give too much attention to features such as video recording or large internal memory when buying a vlogging camera. Built-in memory, not to be confused with the cache is not very useful in today’s low-priced memory cards. It can also complicate things if you try to print using a local printer.

Image sensor

Image sensor plays a pivotal role in making your video capturing experience the best one. An image sensor is a small chip installed in your camera motherboard, which determines the image quality upon its receiving power by adjusting the aperture or exposure. Now check what the features are of the image sensor built in the pro 1080p camera. Features and specifications of the image sensor may vary with the camera brand or model, but check how it matches your requirements.

Battery life

Then, the battery of the camera is very important as it tends to be used very fast and buying an original one is very expensive. You should buy a vlogging camera that comes with rechargeable battery.

Before buying a vlogging camera, it is advisable to check and test it. You should be comfortable using the gadget, and you will know that only when you hold and use it. You can ask the salesperson to let you feel the gadget at least once. Even if you have decided to buy from an online store, you can always go to a local outlet and check for that particular model and then place the order online.

Best Cheap Earbuds Under $50 for 2019

Best Cheap Earbuds Under $50 for 2019

If you love music and it is difficult to do without it then don’t worry. There are many earbuds types available on the market.That assist you to carry your music despite where you are. However, the quality is something we all seek, in almost everything we purchase. And that is why picking your earbuds is not a great move. If you have finally decided to invest in them, make sure you choose the right brand or the variety to match your preferences. If, however, you don’t know much about wireless earbuds for iPod or any other device, and in turn are not aware of the factors one should take into account while buying earbuds, then reading on will certainly help.

What to look for when buying earbuds:

1. Vital aspect to consider is the reputation of the brand. You are not going to use your earbuds indoors always. Sometimes you are going to play sports with your earbuds. In fact, there are dedicated earbuds for sports. Say, for instance, you want to buy the best wireless earbuds for cycling; will you be able to assure yourself of its quality if you are not sure about the reputation of its brand? Probably not! And that is why it’s crucial to buy earbuds from a good brand only. After all, it’s the matter of your earbuds’ quality!

2. Take into account the price. For instance, if you are on a tight budget, you cannot probably buy the wireless earbuds you just saw in a tech magazine that cost a fortune. You will have to choose a product that price somewhere within your budget. And in case, you want to buy a costly product; you will have to gather sufficient money for that, first. You must choose a product that offers quality service despite been reasonably priced.

3. Keep in mind is the kind of customer support available for the product you want to buy. Your earbuds are not going to last forever, and glitches in such products are going to occur. Having excellent customer support means you can get your earbuds repaired or replaced when they cease to work.

Best Drones in 2019

Best Drones in 2019

The drone market has really exploded over the past two years, so with more models than ever before, just how do you go about selecting the right drone for you? or someone else if it is a gift for that matter? There are new models coming in as global trade continues to blossom and some of them are relatively cheap compared to the original giants among the radio-controlled modelling world. There are many things you should consider when buying drones for you to make the right choice. Here is what to look for when buying a drone

Had you considered buying a drone about two years ago, most people would have labelled you as crazy. But nowadays, over the past year at least, that’s what the buzz is all about. They have been gaining in popularity and more and more commercial applications have developed for them. Here are some considerations to put in mind when buying a drone.

What to look for when buying a drone


Know the purpose of the drone

To do this, you must first decide on what it is that you want to do with your drone, is it a toy drone you are after then this process is a little easier but you still need to know if it is just a bare drone you need then you go for what suits your pocket, but if you want a camera then decide if you are wanting the camera to shoot single images or video, or do you need to see through the lens? Using a smartphone, you can do this and most kids do have a smartphone these days.

Size and speed

The main causes of accidents with drones are the size and speed factors. Ensure you buy a smaller one especially if you are buying for children. This drone should also be made of plastic that is durable. This greatly reduces accidents. Damage will be greater when you choose to buy big ones. Smaller drones tend to be harmless. Consider the speed when you are getting that drone. A drone is much better if there is the speed control feature. When they are slow, they are much safer.

The flying environment


It is important to consider the flying environment too. There are those that are suitable for indoors while others are best outdoors. You can settle for a drone that can be used in both environments. For the outdoors, the drone needs adequate motor power as well as wind resistance so as to make sure it is stable as it hovers. If you want an indoor one, make sure it is much smaller so as to lower breakages.


Minimum age


Most of the manufacturers set the age for drone flying to be 8 years. However, it is only the parent who understands when maybe if it for kids when they are ready for a drone. There are those who may choose to buy it even though the child is over 8 years. It is all about how children handle things. If your kid is familiar, then they may be allowed to fly even when they are a bit younger. To fly a drone, make sure the child is responsible, skilled and mature enough to control it. Larger drones have a more powerful motor. They also have bigger propellers and higher payloads.

Best Dash Cams in 2019 – Complete Guide

Best Dash Cams in 2019 – Complete Guide

Do you know that you need a dash cam if you are ever in your vehicle? Well, a dash cam is a necessary and convenient device to have. Have you ever wondered what to look for when buying a dash cam? This article will help you to answer this question. In previous years such devices were only installed in police vehicles, but recently, ordinary people have started installing them. Dash cam are video cameras mounted on a car, and there’s assurance that they’ll always save your day especially if there’s an accident, they form part of the evidence, they prevent insurance fraud and aid in averting vehicle misuse. There are several of dash cams in the market, and in most cases, it’s difficult to choose the best.

What to look for when buying a dash cam

1. Video quality

Video quality is a significant feature of the dash cam. It should have a clear video output with excellent resolution. Do you know that when recorded video is of poor quality, then such footages are almost useless in times of insurance claims? Well, aim to get an excellent video resolution like those with HD, e.g., 720p or 1080p. Before buying evaluate recorded videos

2. Storage capacity

Most of the cams record on Micro SD cards and they are available up to more than 250gb. Note that, not all cameras will support such storages. In most cases, when the resolution is high, then more storage capacity is required. An ideal one will have a minimum storage capacity of 32gb.

3.Important Factor: Reliability

If your dash cam is reliable, then there are high chances that you’ll have the footage you want recorded. It should be small and discreet to take less space on the dashboard so that the driver is not distracted while behind the wheels. It should be capable of withstanding extreme temperatures. This will be handy while in parking mode where there are high temperatures.

4.Mounting options

Dash cams come in numerous mounting options with some on windshield and others behind rear view mirror. If the dash space is limited, ensure it doesn’t block the driver’s vision. They usually are mounted using semi-permanent glue mount or suction cups. For those with suction cups, reposition can be done with a lot of ease, while adhesive mounts are robust when mounted.


[Without G-Sensor]

Gravity sensors are vital, and it’s an advanced feature in the cameras. It’s a feature that’s significant when the car involves an accident/ crash. When it triggers, the footage is protected to avoid deletion or overwriting. Some have automatic turn on when an impact is detected in parking mode when the camera is off, protecting theft and vandalism.


GPS tracking functionality is vital in various ways. It can be a prove since it indicates where the crash occurred if the recording isn’t clear. It also records speeds which is of great aid when issued with wrong speeding tickets. When a different person is using your vehicle, then the GPS logging shows precisely where they are.

7.Night vision

Check how the camera records in low lights. Ensure that it is furnished with low light ability like low light sensors. This is a feature that is unavoidable since most accidents happen at night.

8. WiFi

If the cam has this feature, then it lets your phone to be used as a screen for accessing and controlling the cam. It allows for viewing and downloading recordings and changing the cam settings using an application.

A dash cam is a useful device in your car. With the above information on what to look for when buying a dash cam, then you should be capable of purchasing one that exceeds your satisfaction. When purchasing one, check and ensure that the above essential factors are inclusive.